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Latinx AF: Selena Está Aquí- Honoring La Reina y Supporting Nuestra Comunidad

The spirit of Selena Quintanilla Perez is still alive in her fans!

I for one will not be watching the series, and I disapprove of Q Productions bullying tactics (read more on that in Yvette Montoya's Hip Latina article: Selena Quintanilla: What’s the Price of Fandom?) as well as brands liike MAC who made lite of the femicide of Mexican women in Juarez for "fashion"- but then heal turned and hoped on the latinx train with their Selena line when latinidad became en vogue. For further insight and critique on the series- check out Mala Muñoz's Instagram for her series of videos on the subject.

As always- I have an unshakable fidelity to my fellow small latinx businesses- hustlers like myself commited to nuestra cultura. So instead of supporting Q Productions- here are some small latinx businesses who've created beautiful work inspired by la reina!

EX Voto Designs

Hot Sundae

Yo Soy Afro Latina

Muy Cute Merch

Shop Mi Vida

Garzig Designs

ENX Creative

Chic Party Goods

Mija Cultura

Roman Martinez Art and Design

Qetza Art

Part Time Works

Mexi Pins

Soni Artist

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