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Latinx AF: Selena Está Aquí- Honoring La Reina y Supporting Nuestra Comunidad

The spirit of Selena Quintanilla Perez is still alive in her fans!

I for one will not be watching the series, and I disapprove of Q Productions bullying tactics (read more on that in Yvette Montoya's Hip Latina article: Selena Quintanilla: What’s the Price of Fandom?) as well as brands liike MAC who made lite of the femicide of Mexican women in Juarez for "fashion"- but then heal turned and hoped on the latinx train with their Selena line when latinidad became en vogue. For further insight and critique on the series- check out Mala Muñoz's Instagram for her series of videos on the subject.

As always- I have an unshakable fidelity to my fellow small latinx businesses- hustlers like myself commited to nuestra cultura. So instead of supporting Q Productions- here are some small latinx businesses who've created beautiful work inspired by la reina!


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