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SXSWhere the Heck to Find the Latinx/POC Events this SXSW

When I first moved to Austin 12 years ago from the "brown bubble" of the border- I was SHOCKED at all the whiteness- I had never seen or experienced anything other than Mexican/ Mexican American culture growing up in East El Paso. Over the last decade Austin has definitely become more and more white- and more and more gentrified- a lot of that being a direct result of the rich festival goers who flock to Austin every month from all over the country.

This also means that we get to see and take part in Latinx and POC communities banding together in incredible ways to take up and reclaim space in this land that was once MEXICO!

Here are Six SXSW 2019 unofficial & affordable events where you can witness the solidarity and empowerment of

Austin's POC/latinx community and our allies <3

March 9-17 (not 16th) -Magnolia Cafe South- 10-2 PM

March 15- The Vortex- 6-10 PM

March 16- Gather Venues - 2-6 PM

March 10- Rio Rita- 12-5 PM

March 16 &17 - Art for the People- 12-5 PM

March 16- Houston Tillotson University- 11-6 PM

March 13-16 -The North Door- 8PM-2AM

March 9- Dia's Market- 12-5 PM

March 8-16- Mala Vida

& last but not least!!!

Poco A Poco's Very OWN:

Fundraiser for Casa Marianella

March 13- Cherrywood Coffeehouse- Noon- 11 PM

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