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  • R.A. Ruiz Acosta

28 Latinx MUAs & Beauty Influencers to Inspire Your Quarantine Lewks & 9 Latina Owned Beauty

If you find the ritual of applying makeup soothing and empowering- especially in these times of great stress and anxiety- Check out these 28 latinx MUAs and beauty influencers for some inspiration. Whether you're beating your face for the rare essential outing- or to give your stay-at-home routine some structure and artistry, now could be a great time to practice some new techniques or try some new products (for your own enjoyment AT HOME of course.) In addition to 28 beacons of beauty- this list includes 9 latina owned beauty brand you can shop from and support entirely from the comfort and safety of your home.

Disclaimer: As with all of these lists- this one is incomplete- there are so many incredible makers and artists out there that I don't know about who deserve their time to shine- if you have friends making stuff that you love, make sure to sing their praises from the rooftops because that is how we as small businesses and independent artists succeed.