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  • R.A. Ruiz Acosta

14 Latina & WOC Owned Brands Selling the CUTEST Cositas para Kids, Babies, & Mamis pt.1

Lately- I can't stop bookmarking all the cute baby and kids stuff I see! I thought this would be a opportunity to share some of my favorite latinx made things for babies and children with y'all as I build my baby wishlist!

I've gotta say- this is probably the CUTEST list I have ever had the joy of putting together!

As I always say, these lists are far from complete. There are so many talented and hard working people out there in our community who deserve all of the attention, recognition, and pay for the work they do! Let me know some of your fave latinx and POC creatives making cute baby and kids stuff cus I wanna know as a mama to be AND as a cheerleader for our people! If you've enjoyed this blog or any of my other content- I do accept tips for my work HERE =)

(Cover Photo: Chasing Camilla)


Just For Baby!


Matching Mama


Just for Mami