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40 Unique & Thoughtful Gifts from Your Fave Latinx and WOC Businesses

Hi!! Here is a helpful little holiday guide full of latinx and WOC artists and businesses to get you through the most wonderful time of the year- 40 unique, thoughtful, and personal gifts made with love to show your loved ones

you care about them almost as much as EL Guapo's men cared about him.

As with all of these lists- this one is incomplete- there are so many incredible makers and artists out there that I don't know about who deserve their time to shine- if you have friends local to you making stuff that you love, make sure to sing their praises from the rooftops because that is how we as small businesses succeed. Also- please be aware that as small businesses and artists making commissioned work- many of the below have shipping and ordering deadlines this month- we as small businesses and as latinx businesses appreciate your support - that support is truly a beautiful gift we can all give each other.

For the honest Chismosa

For the Crystal Loving Brujx

For Your Most Cherished

For the Tiny Change Makers & Their Mamas

For Your Lover

For Your Fave Goddess

For the Candle Lover Pt 2

For the macabre babe

For the Thick Thighed Baddie

For the Baby Yoda Lover- aka every single person on Earth

For the AOC Fans

For the X-Files fan, the Cher fan, the recently single, or for anyone with a sense of whimsy, joy, and humor

For the Fandom & Stans

For the Desert Lover

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