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  • R.A. Ruiz Acosta

Witches of Color & Online Brujeria: Mediums, Mystics, Tarot Readers, Alchemists & Astrologis

celebrating ancestral wisdom, resistance, resilience, and reclaiming our power! this new short series on online brujeria is meant to combat the commercialization of "starter witch kits"- and introduce us to online witches of color guiding us into and through our power by cultivating online communities for emerging and experienced witches via accessible online resources and treasure troves. Please check out their websites, instagram stories, youtube videos, blogs, online tienditas, and lit af informative af insta captions.

this first segment is focused on psychic, energetic, tarot, and astrological workers. coming up we will focus on: woc Herbalists and online botanicas followed by the magic & ritual of handmade adornments

The Mexican Witch: New Orleans Bruja & Tarot Reader

Recommended: Follow closely on Instagram for Cosmic Advice and Guidance. watch her videos and don't neglect the stories!

Instagram: @themexicanwitch

Solaris the Hii Priestess: Tarot Reader & Founder of TwerknTarot

recommended: tarot tuesday in atx. Subscribe to her youtube channel for "cosmic quickies" & follow her on instagram for astrological updates & informative captions

Chosen Eyes: Clairvoyant. Tarot Reader & Scryer. Teacher, Healer & Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture

recommended: readings from her at various atx events. Witchy tips.

Instagram: @choseneyes9

Brooklyn Brujeria/ Chiquita Brujita: Magic Maker, Dancer, Event Producer

Recommended: Shop her Spiritually Empowering Line of Velas

Cosmic Lady Six: Tarot & Astrology. Birth Chart Readings,Lunar Readings, Spells & Rituals

Instagram: @comicladysix

Haus of Hoodoo/ Jessyka Winston: Rootworker/Hoodoo Practicioner, and Vodoun Priestess

instagram: @hausofhoodoo

Amber the Alchemist: Soul Alchemist, Visual Storyteller, Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Reader, Daughter in Mother/Daughter Duo: Brown Girl Alchemist

Nelly Mami Alchemist: Alchemist, Herbalist, Energy Shapeshifter, Mother in Mother/Daughter Duo: Brown Girl Alchemist

The Hood Witch: "Everyday Magic for the Modern Mystic"

Instagram: @thehoodwitch

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