Estilo Y Espíritu: Vanessa Acosta

October 15, 2017

Name: Vanessa Acosta

AGE: 27
OCCUPATION/PASSION: Fashion Designer/Photographer
LOCATION: Mariachi Plaza, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles 




Where are you from? What is your country of origin or decent? 
I was born in United States, my parents are from Bolivia. 

How does your heritage influence your style? 
Anything colorful is my vibe and Bolivian culture is all about that. I'm an extravagant person so Bolivian textiles give me the freedom to express that in the clothing which is why my heritage and I share a nice lil aesthetic bond.



Do you have any projects you would like to share with our readers?


I am always working with a lot of different creatives. I am currently working we WETAKENOTE.COM photographing POC entrepreneurs and creators and shedding light on their missions. A podcast interview I did with artist Ernesto Yerena just released so you can go take a listen there on The Embers Podcast. And follow me on social media to stay updated on more upcoming projects!



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