Mask On: Small, POC Brands & Makers Selling Face Masks

April 3, 2020


Via Los Angeles Times article "Garcetti urges L.A. to wear face coverings when doing essential tasks in public" by LUKE MONEY and KAILYN BROWN published April 1:


 "At a Wednesday afternoon news briefing, Garcetti said he had been awaiting advice on masks from the CDC but with the COVID-19 rate surging had decided to wait no longer. The mayor said everyone performing essential tasks such as as food shopping should wear homemade, nonmedical face coverings, or even bandannas, as people in other countries have done.


 Riverside County released the new mask guidance Tuesday, covering such essential tasks as grocery shopping and medical visits.“The face coverings do not have to be hospital grade but need to cover the nose and mouth. For example, bandannas, fabric masks and neck gaiters are acceptable. Fabric covers and bandannas can be washed and used again,” the county said.


“'To be clear, you should still stay at home. This isn’t an excuse to suddenly all go out,”'Garcetti said. He added that people shouldn’t use medical-grade masks, which are in short supply and are needed by healthcare workers and first responders."


From New York Times Opinion Piece "Wearing Masks Must Be a National Policy" by Aaron Schildkrout, Bill Walczak, Dara Kass and Brian Jack (Mr. Walczak is a retired chief executive of hospital and health center organizations in Boston. Dr. Kass is an associate professor of emergency medicine at Columbia University Medical Center. Dr. Jack is director of the Boston University Center for Health System Design and Implementation. Mr. Schildkrout is a digital consultant to The New York Times.) published April 2: 


"The most important new policy the government can implement to contain the spread of Covid-19 is to immediately recommend that everyone wear masks or face-coverings in public — #masksforall. Health officials have already encouraged people to wear masks if they are showing symptoms of the disease. Particularly since 25 to 50 percent of people with the virus are asymptomatic, it would be best for everyone to be wearing a mask or face-covering when in public to protect others.... Even if masks don’t completely protect each individual, they could considerably reduce the spread of the virus. Even if the coverings only reduced transmission to and from each wearer by half, that would reduce the chance of spread by 75 percent. So face coverings could reduce the exponential growth of new infections and avert disaster in America’s hot spots."


Read the whole Los Angeles Times article here and the whole New York Times Opinion Piece here. Continue to stay up-to-date on your city, county, and states orders and ordinances. Stay home whenever you can. 


I'll continue to add as many makers as I see to this list. Stay home and stay safe <3  


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