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  • R.A. Ruiz Acosta

Welcome to Latinx AF

¡Bienvenidos a Latinx AF!

Here we will build a collection of art, experiences, musings, opinions, family histories and more that will highlight and represent the diversity and shared experiences of our Latinx Culture. Latinx businesses, artists, musicians, etc. will be able to promote their work and add links to their online shops or events.

Personally, I have SO MUCH privilege- I'm second generation, fluent in English, able bodied, straight/cis, college educated, and most of all- severely white passing. I will speak on navigating that privilege and personal realizations about responsibility I've had on that in the near future-but primarily this is a space for others to speak on their experiences. With their own voices- in their chosen form of expression. We will have reoccurring contributors taking on projects of their choice- as well as one time contributors just interested in sharing their voice.

You don't have to be an artist, business owner, poet, photographer, or have a college education to contribute. Stories and experiences of non-American born, bi-racial, native, LGBTQ+, and Afrolatinxs are highly encouraged.

Email to share your ideas! Stay tuned for stories and art from contributors: Coming Soon!!

Con Mucho Cariño,

R.A. Ruiz Acosta

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