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Latinx AF Feature: Qetza Art Azteca Frontline Warriors

Jorge Garza also known as Qetza Art specializes in artwork he's dubbed "Azteca Pop"- delightfully merging an eclectic variety of historical and pop culture icons with the Aztec style of two dimensional, linear perspective, profiled characters with their own applicable symbolism.

His Azteca interpretations notably include Mexican & Chicano Icons throughout time such as: the legends of Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl, La Adelita y El Revolucionario, Frida, Chapulin Colorado, Selena, Danny Trejo, and Salma Hayek.

Plus an impressive collection of Pop Culture Icons from Marvel, Dc, Star Wars, and more:

Since the focus of our world has now shifted to social distancing, quarantine, and coronavirus- Garza has likewise shifted his artistic focus to honoring the essential workers- or "Frontline Warriors"- who have kept the country operating throughout the spread of the virus. His work so far includes grocery workers, medical workers, farm workers, postal and delivery workers, etc. - and he continues to add to the series to include as many essential workers as possible. Follow his work at QetzaArt, and support this latinx artist representing our heritage, our people, and our interests at


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