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  • R.A. Ruiz Acosta

Crees Que Soy Espooky: An Assortment of 16 Spooky Latinxs to Follow

Whether you keep it spooky year round, or are just in the spirit of the season- you gotta admit- there truly is NO BETTER month than Octubre! (wanna fight- square up!- I'll fight you!) On top of the temperatures (eventually) dropping and Halloween preparations occupying your fantasies... Latinx Heritage Month still has about a week left! Here are some of my fave Latinxs (from jewelers to candle makers to online brujxs to a goddess of a miniature universe) to make sure your're following in this sacred and spooky time. Disclaimer: As with all blogs and lists of this nature- it is unfortunately not complete, if you have a favorite brujx or witch of color that didn't make this feature- let me know! and let all your friends know too!