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Witches of Color & Online Brujeria: Herbalists, Curanderas, Botanicas, & Self Love Specialis

celebrating ancestral wisdom, resistance, resilience, and reclaiming our power! this new short series on online brujeria is meant to combat the commercialization of "starter witch kits"- and introduce us to online witches of color guiding us into and through our power by cultivating online communities for emerging and experienced witches via accessible online resources and treasure troves. Please check out their websites, instagram stories, youtube videos, blogs, online tienditas, and lit af informative af insta posts.

this first segment was focused on psychic, energetic, tarot, and astrological workers. check it out here. here we are focusing on: woc Herbalists,curanderas, online botanicas, and self love specialists. next we will focus on the magic & ritual of handmade adornments

Recommended: Not only are they a bomb herbalists and teacher, They also make merch! My Personal fave is the: "It's Okay to Hate Men" Shirt. 10/10!

Good Mexican Girl: Holistic Health & Vegan Cookies. Healing Queen.

recommended:if you're in the LA area: get a love limpia: "Limpias - in the practice of Curanderismo, a Latin American healing practice, there is a tradition of doing cleanses of the spirit that may have manifested in emotional and/or physical blocks. I reconnected with this practice as it's part of my lineage from my Mexica great-great-grandmother and great-grandmother who were both curanderas and mid-wives. The Love Limpia helps clear out emotional and / or physical blocks about love."

recommended: check out the holiday goodies and bundles!

recommended:follow on instagram for educational graphics on their products. i really love that"all medicine is made with intention and created during ceremonial prayers."

recommended: if ever in barrio logan in san diego- be sure to check out this sliding scale apothecary!

Hood Herbalism: A POC Community Herbal Education Project: Health y Wellness * Birth Support * Community and Youth Workshops * Herbal Medicina and Vending

recommended: check out their classes in different communities across the LA, OC, Inland Empire, and San Fernando Valley areas. they have also traveled to Oxnard, DC, and San Diego.

7generations Herbal Healing: Holistic Health & Natural Body Care

recommended: omg where to begin!!!! estoy enamorado de todo! i think it is wonderful that she offers bruja starter kits - there is nothing wrong with finding an accessible place to begin your witchcraft journey! but unlike big brand, corporate, mass produced "witch kits"- support witches of color who soak their goods with love and intention and spiritual know how

recommended: taylor is a childcare and black motherhood advocate in austin, tx. along with providing free doula services for mothers of color with mamasana vibrant woman- she has started an austin based community childcare scholarship to help combat the child care gap

Emilia Ortiz: Bruja, Healer, Empath. Mental Health/ Illness & Cannabis Advocate. Wellness Editor at Dazed Beauty

recommended: i love watching her instagram videos! as an empath- emilia has a true talent for reaching out from the screen and touching your soul with her messages and voice.

BONUS brujas to follow:

follow these two mental health advocate, plant loving mamis who have tackled higher education and provide services, talks, insights, affirmations, & inspiration for young POC

recommended: check out her nameplate hoops and necklaces on etsy!

Dr. Yvette dechavez: writer, phd,

bomb ass artist behind decolonize your syllabus and brujas against trump art,

recovering academic, incredible homegirl

recommended: check out her writing here! you can buy shirts or prints here! and follow her on instagram for her #nailsandnovels series

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