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The Midweek market

The #midweekmarketatx was my first ever montly market here in Austin ♥ Created in June of 2016 to provide Latinx and POC safe spaces free of cultural appropriation and insensitivity while creating economic opportunity for small businesses and artists coming together to benefit Austin based non-profits. After leaving the Midweek Market and Austin behind for LA in March of 2017, and spending some time in El Paso- I've come full circle BACK to Austin and back to organizing my most precious event! 

Our second revived Midweek Market will be 2/13/2019 at Cherrywood Coffeehousefrom 7-11PM!!

Click Here for the LINK to our February Midweek Market Self Love Fest will be benefiting the Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity 


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