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Poco A Poco means...
To take it one step at a time. It means, don't rush into things- and don't expect perfection the first time around. It's the idea that "little by little" we can all accomplish great things...

I am from a family that speaks Spanglish. My mother and father are both first generation Americans from the border who grew up listening to The Beatles and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Like many young Mexican Americans, my sister and I have struggled with our cultural identify through the years as we do not speak fluent Spanish, and do not always fit the rigid social and cultural expectations of what it is to be latinx.  


Yet- my heart beats in Spanglish- and "poco a poco" I want to embrace my vibrant and diverse culture, while providing a market for small, independent crafters and artisans who have embraced the spirit of rebellion through art and style. 

Poco a Poco is for the misfits and the marginalized. Poco a Poco is for the revolutionarias and rebeldes. Poco a Poco is for all who want to see a positive difference in the world in their lifetime, and aren't afraid to take that first little step.


Poco a Poco is for you and me, compadres.



R.A. Ruiz Acosta  

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