Radicalize Your (& Your Homegirls) Pin Game with these 15 Latina Businesses

December 19, 2018

These 15 latinas know how to pack a political and cultural punch in a pin- and BITCH I know you know how to accessorize! Throw these babies on every single jacket you own, your punk vest, your backpack, your band tea, your work apron- let them alllll know what's up. Remember: Friends Don't Let Friends Walk Around With Basic Ass Lapels- grab a handful of these pins and shower your homegirls with some FIRE pin bling this Holiday Season! 


Gilded Nopal


Radical Xicana




Sarah's Tesoros


Ex Voto Design


Hot Sundae


ENX Creative




Candy's Kloset



 Dream Heaux Apparel 



 Velvet Beehive


 Chic Party Goods


 Part Time Works