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  • R.A. Ruiz Acosta

14 MORE WOC Earring Brands Killing the Earring Game

As promised!!! Here is Part Two of "12 WOC Earring Brands Killing the Earring Game!" Below you will find 14 distinct, gorgeously crafted sets of earrings provided by some of the most Chingona WOC run brands around. The most important thing in the world to me is to advocate for WOC, for our art, for our cultures, and for our voices. Accessibility and inclusion are close seconds- so you will find that you can fairly support all of these businesses without going wildly out of budget. The problem with these Top 10 Style lists- and I can tell you personally as a Latina Business Owner- is that they can't include every single business- every single mujer busting her ass, working multiple jobs, burning the midnight oil to get products done in time for pop-up shops and martkets- and I HATE THAT. Everyone wants and deserves to feel included and seen- especially WOC who have so much against us anyway! So this is just a sample, some of the mujeres I've peeped always creating quality and unique work- work that screams resistance and culture through, my favorite medium- fashion. I'll always strive to do more and am working on expanding this series to other talensts and artforms. For now: check out who's on the Street Style list, and the Latina Artist lists. I promise, as limitless as the talent and brightness of our cultures are- there will always more to come!

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